Anonymous: hey chica, would you mind telling me what interview these pics are from? and if you had the link? i don't think I've seen them! cemawe(.)tumblr(.) com/post/82305225892

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Anonymous: Oh my, I think he looks SMOKING HOT in that insta picture!!

He looks v v nice, yes.

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Anonymous: Hope John builds back his muscles. When he had buff arms with his sleeve tattoos he was so yummy to look at.

God I’m so WEAK when it comes to boys with nice arms. Add nice tattoos and I’m a fucking weak walnut.

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Anonymous: I was thinking the groovy girl picture was cute and fun... until I discovered she's a diehard kittycat or whatever they're called. I swear it's not jealousy, it'd just be thousand times better if it'd be a diehard JM fan instead, like you for example, C. From all the people in the world, c'mon JM, arrrrgh...

Oh she is? Haha, that’s hilarious.

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Anonymous: Thank you for getting me into Mighty Oaks! They are fantastic!!!

I KNOW RIGHT?? They’re fucking amazing, I’m in love.

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Anonymous: He looks good but very very skinny. Look at his neck! And are you jogging John? You don't need to lose anymore weight! ink361(.)com/app/photo/ig-700338165789216921_195605243

I think he’s just wanting to stay fit and take care of his health. He’s always worked out quite a bit, but he seems to be on a new health-kick now :) 

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Anonymous: Follow on last anon, JM needs to be as far away from the KP train wreck as possible! It is funny how in life now you need to concern yourself with "who you are following and when to not follow" The more you hear about her behind the scenes, it is actually sad, she needs help...I am glad he chose health over her.

Your words, but… 

She got green hair and he quit whiskey and lost weight. I prefer John’s post breakup ways.

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Anonymous: After all the amount of people JM followed today on instagram, I think he might be dying to unfollow KP from twitter, but might be a little afraid of the backlash.

Haha, who knowssss.

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Anonymous: You hashtag so greatly

Why thank you :)

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Anonymous: Whoa! John's following count on instagram went from 1 to 42! It's good he's embracing(but hopefully not succumbing to) social media again. This is a good way to keep his fans informed...just don't let it distract you John. ;)

Indeed it is :) 

Anonymous: I found on "Billboard" which is a pretty credible website to my understanding that John Mayer Trio has a tour set up fall of 2014 in the U.S. Will you please tell me if this is true or not? Before i get to excited.

I can’t confirm nor deny at this point :)

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