Anonymous: Ughhhh I know it's partially his voice still have been coming back but be needs to shake up his acoustic section more. Neon and YBIAWL are growing stale. In your atmosphere could and should be rotated in.

Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a few more rarities every now and then.

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Anonymous: Kind of adding what the other anon said about john not liking YBIAWL, he first started playing it again at the cincy show I was at and he like said "you think I'm going to start playing it but I'm seriously not" so he proceeded to play it. And everyone sang it. It was kinda awesome.

Cool :) Yeah, it’s not that long ago since he said that he likes it, so :p He wouldn’t play it if he didn’t, we all know that by now… He played it a lot last year, when he could’ve easily have picked another acoustic goodie, so. He may act all cool and coy about the song and belittle it or whatever, but it’s still one of his babies and I think he still digs it ;)

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Anonymous: Now Dear Marie comes on and I'm in my feelings. It's crazy how much an artist(not just John) can so deeply correlate their own past experiences into song and it mirrors your own life.

Mhmm.. :) He’s so good at addressing specific moments in his life whilst maintaining this universal appeal, it’s quite a gift. 

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Anonymous: The spring weather is amazing when I live and Wildfire sounds perfectttt

Sameeee, bro! It’s summer temperatures where I live right now and Wildfire does indeed fit that mold perfectly!

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Title: Yellow
Artist: Coldplay
Album: Parachutes
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Anonymous: I'll take the leftovers ;)

Yes, good, that’s the spirit :) I’ll warm up some for you right away!

Neon, Melbourne. 

Anonymous: C, did you ever find out what John did that was so controversial?


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Anonymous: Have no time for lies anymore. Surrounded by too many



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Title: I'm On Fire (Bonus)
Artist: John Mayer
Album: Battle Studies
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Anonymous: Determination: Only Heart, "If you let me leave, I swear I never will" and agree with you C Obsession: Edge of Desire, "Don't say a word just come over..."

"…’cause I’m just about to set fire to everything I see” That’s obsession…

Determination: Heartbreak Warfare, Obsession: Half of My Heart

jollytim: Determination: Bigger Than My Body, Obsession: If I Ever Get Around to Living. And Quiet, what a sweet song, remember?)

Very sweet indeed :)

Determination: All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye, Obsession: Dreaming With A Broken Heart

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liehere-withme: Here C: instagram(.)com/p/nH43D5OhZ6/

Hahah, “let’s repeat it, a billion times.”